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Logos, By Mariu Suarez, 78"x60", Oil and egg-tempera on canvas
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"Some books are to be tasted,
others to be swallowed, and some
few to be chewed and digested. "

- Francis Bacon


Below you will find a list of recommended books. They have been provided for those who would like to learn more about the topics discussed in this site, including surrealism, psychology and the interpretation of dreams. These books are available for purchase at a discount through Amazon.com, an online bookstore that offers 2.5 million titles. Just click on the book's title for more information.

In addition, you can search for any title among the millions carried by Amazon .com whether or not it is related to this site. Just enter a key word (i.e. surrealism, travel, hypnosis, Einstein, etc.) in the search form on the right.

The following books offer a well-rounded understanding of Surrealism, from the history of the movement itself, what its founder wanted to accomplish and some masters of surrealist fine art, to samples of the movement in different genres. Go Sureal! Visit Mariu's Store!

These books will help you grasp the psychological principles discussed in this site. Those written by Jung and Freud themselves are not easy reading, but it is often best to come to your own conclusions about what they meant rather than reading the interpretations of others. If this is your first foray into psychology, however, you might prefer to begin with an analysis of Jung's and Freud's work. Other books will give you a more in-depth understanding of particularly relevant aspects Jung's theories, such as archetypes, and self-discovery.
The Interpretation of Dreams
The books listed below are very helpful as you begin exploring the world of dreams. Some are written by Jung and Freud, the originators of the psychological interpretation of dreams, while others offer different perspectives on how to interpret dreams. But when it comes to interpreting the imagery of the unconscious, an indispensable tool is a dictionary of symbols. Below you can chose from a few good ones. When using them, remember that there is often more than one recognized meaning for each symbol. Go with the one that rings truest for you, but try to avoid picking the one you "like" best.

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